Wilson Preparatory Academy

Wilson Preparatory Academy will be the first K-12 blended learning charter school approved by the NC State Board of Education in Wilson, NC.  Final approval was granted by the NC State Board of Education on January 9, 2014, to open in August of 2014 as a free K-8 public charter school located in Wilson, North Carolina.  Thereafter, Wilson Preparatory Academy has been given authority to add a grade each year until it is a K-12 school. Wilson Preparatory Academy will be tuition free and open to the public.

Early Start – Early Finish

Wilson Preparatory Academy plans to start early in August 2014.  Our school year is scheduled to end before Memorial Day of May 2015.

Structured and Safe Environment

Wilson Preparatory Academy believes that organization and safety ensure students learn. WPA students will wear uniforms and have to meet high behavioral expectations. Additionally, our small class sizes allow us to build close relationships with students and their parents, enabling us to guarantee safety and make a better impact on their academic success and character development. In short, Wilson Preparatory Academy will be a place where teachers can teach and students can learn.